Myofascial Release

Sciatica and Myofascial Pain

Men, do you keep your wallet in your back pocket? If you answered “YES”, then please read on. Keeping a wallet in your back pocket can create pressure on the piriformis muscle. The sciatic nerve runs through the piriformis muscle. Repeated pressure on this muscle will cause inflammation and sciatic pain, commonly called sciatica or [...]

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Accelerated Treatment Program

Verde Valley Myofascial Release and Hands On-Austin, are partners in Myofasical Release/manual therapy services. We have restructured and renamed our Intensive Program to meet today’s needs and demands. The Accelerated Treatment Program (ATP) is a customized program consisting of 1:1 treatment. Clients are treated multiple times daily for a specified time period. This builds a [...]

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Traditional Physical Therapy vs Myofascial Release via Massage Therapy for Pain Relief

Robert Hendryx, LMT and Danielle Markley, LMT This morning, I was listening to a pod cast from a Physical Therapist that is promoting a cash based practice model for Physical Therapists. The title of the podcast was “Do Physical Therapists under value their own services?” Physical Therapists were invited to comment on the [...]

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