BEMER Therapy in Cottonwood

BEMER stands for Bio-Electromagnetic-Energy-Regulation.
The working mechanism of BEMER consists of the transmission of a patented multi-dimensionally configured waveform. This unique waveform is transmitted into the body via an electromagnetic field. It is the patented waveform, not the electromagnetic field that acts as the stimulating agent for increased circulation of the microcirculatory system. BEMER is designed to improve circulation thereby supporting the body’s natural self-regulating process.  Oxygen, nutrients, chemical messengers (hormones), immune cells are all transported through our circulatory system.

The main claim of the BEMER is it’s affect on the cardiovascular system.  Nearly 100 trillion cells in our body are fed and cleansed via the capillary system where nutrients and oxygen are delivered and toxins are eliminated.  74% of our circulatory system are microvessels.

  1. BEMER has 5 International Patents
  2.  Over 1.2 Million Bemers in Use in over 40 countries.
  3. Over 4000 hospitals, clinics and universities in Germany alone use BEMERS daily.
  4. In Use for high performance: Olympic Teams,  Many PRO Sports Teams around the world including The Arizona Diamond Backs, Pro Athletes:  Boris Becker, Roger Federer, Mark Girardelli, Evan Meek, Eric Fornataro and many more.
  5. BEMER is currently approved as a Class 1 Medical Device ( FDA reg # 3006518427)  in the United States with Class 2 Device Registration in process.. In Europe and many other countries, BEMER has the equivalent of a Class 2A FDA registration.
  6. BEMER is also being used in many hospitals and IV clinics in the US as well as cancer clinics in the US.

How is BEMER Applied?

The therapy is carried out using the whole-body application module B.Body following a predetermined usage plan, which can improve the general circulation and the overall energy state if used daily on an ongoing basis.  The twice daily application of the BEMER following the outlined basic plan is the fundamental basis and cornerstone for systemic support to our circulation.

For local applications, there are special additional application modules, B.SPOT, B.PAD, AND B.SIT.  For applications related to the skin, there is the “light application module” B.LIGHT, which can be used complementary to the B.BODY application module.


Why is Verde Vally Myofascial Release choosing to integrate BEMER therapy into it’s practice?

The integration of BEMER therapy into our practice may come as a surprise to many folks that have known us over the 30+ years that we have been using myofascial release as the cornerstone and workhorse of our practice.

Please refer to our page on myofascial release for a more detailed explanation of it’s effects.

The BEMER acts as an amplifier making myofascial release and other manual therapy techniques more effective.

As stated earlier, BEMER is designed to improve circulation thereby supporting the body’s natural self-regulating process. This action alone is complementary to our practice and has the potential to facilitate an even greater healing response for the individual.

The BEMER is currently being offered in the Cottonwood office.   For more information about Bemer, you can contact Robert Hendryx: [email protected], or call 928-592-7020.