Verde Valley Myofascial Release and Hands On-Austin, are partners in Myofasical Release/manual therapy services. We have restructured and renamed our Intensive Program to meet today’s needs and demands. The Accelerated Treatment Program (ATP) is a customized program consisting of 1:1 treatment. Clients are treated multiple times daily for a specified time period. This builds a strong foundation for treatment changes to become more permanent and the body to re-establish homeostasis.

The key to unlocking the body’s full physical potential is restoring proper muscular alignment and flexibility before any strengthening program. This bears repeating as so many people think that they can exercise away pain. This is not the case when there are muscle imbalances. The typical scenario is that you will exercise the dysfunctional muscles and cause more pain and imbalance. This will eventually lead to failure of the exercise program.

Why do an Accelerated Treatment Program (ATP)? Because you don’t have time to live with limitations.

DSC_0233Verde Valley Myofascial Release and Hands On-Austin are sister companies staffed with expert level manual therapists. Myofascial Release is the core of our treatment program due to it’s ability to get to the source of the pain and movement imbalance. It has proven results where other treatments have failed. The body is 70% water. Myofascial Release restores the fluid component of the connective tissue thereby restoring proper cellular communication.

ATP- Jump start the healing process. The exercise progressions will build a strong foundation for proper strengthening without re-injury.

Goals of our ATP:
*Regain proper muscular alignment and flexibility
*Muscle re-education for proper muscular engagement
*Re-establish proper motor control

Verde Valley Myofasical Release and Hands On-Austin have speciality programs available:
*Women’s and Men’s Health
*Acute and chronic pain remediation
*General Wellness
*Sports Performance and Recreation

Call today and find out how our Accelerated Treatment Program can help you to achieve optimal function.
Accelerated Treatment Program direct line: 844-673-7015

Jody Hendryx, PT